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With so many baby products on the market today, new parents often find that choosing baby gear is overwhelming. But while a deluxe bouncy chair or a tricked-out stroller may not be totally necessary, one must-have item for new parents is a diaper bag.

Whenever you leave the house, if your baby goes with you, the diaper bag goes too. After all, you'll need a place to store a change of clothes, a blankie, a toy or two, a snack, a sippy cup, and of course a spare diaper and some wipes. It's worth spending some time to do the research on the different diaper bags out there so that the one you purchase truly is the one that's best for you. And for the best diaper bag reviews, you've come to the right website.

For starters, there are several different styles of diaper bags available. There are the shoulder bag diaper bags that have been around for ages, but you've also got the option to have a backpack, messenger bag, or tote. Some designer diaper bags even come in the popular hobo style, and to the untrained eye, they appear to be just a big purse. There are a few manufacturers who make diaper bags that fit perfectly over the handlebar of most strollers, though this style is best avoided, as consumer groups warn against adding uneven weight to a stroller for fear that it could tip backwards.

As for diaper bag features, one big thing to consider is how durable it is and how comfortable it will be to carry. This is especially important if you plan on having more than one baby and want the bag to last a while. (You'll want a gender-neutral color, too, if you want the bag for a future second baby of unknown gender.)

Choosing the Right Fabric:

Fabric is another big consideration. Vinyl and other waterproof bags are especially practical, though you may feel like you're sacrificing a bit of style. Then again, quilted cloth bags may look great, but you really can't get them wet, and they may stain easier than other materials. Some bags include a changing pad, which is definitely handy but not absolutely necessary (and can always be purchased separately if you feel you want one).

How Much Storage Do I Need

Storage is of course important: look at the compartments and how easy they are to access. And finally, think about who will be carrying the diaper bag. If mom and dad will be sharing baby outing duties, it's a good idea to go with a bag that dad will be happy to carry too; that probably means no pink or floral designs.

How Much Do Diaper Bags Cost

The price of diaper bags can vary quite a bit. A basic, no-brand, simple one can cost as little as $10 or $15. Better-known baby gear brands will run higher, anywhere from $30 to $75 or more, and will usually have lots of item-specific compartments — that's really handy. And if you're looking for a luxury brand diaper bag (think high end purse brands), expect to shell out well over $100. It all depends on what features you want and how you'll use the bag. Some families just want an inexpensive tote that they can throw in the car, while other parents look at a good diaper bag as an investment that will last them upwards of a decade and hold all their baby stuff in style.

When choosing a diaper bag, it's important to make an informed decision. Check back with us frequently for the latest reviews on the newest diaper bags on the market. That way, you'll be sure to pick the best diaper bag for you and your baby.


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